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inform. interact. engage.

From intelligent metrics to smooth integrations, our interactive player makes it easy for you to reach your people.


Build simple quizzes, open-ended tests, or discussion threads.

SSO/LMS Integration

Integrate our player to your CMS or LMS, so your viewers only have to login once.

Rewards Center Integration

Integrate our player to your online rewards center, so your staff can automatically redeem prizes.

Intelligent Analytics

Learn which videos your viewers spend the most minutes watching, and which content they’re comprehending.

Custom Branding

Hide or display specific controls, customize thumbnails, and add your logo where you want.

SSO capability and LMS Integrations
Rewards Center Integration
Intelligent Analytics.
Custom Branding

viddler offers a streamlined platform.

Manage your content and your user analytics in one secure place.
Our course management tools make our platform ideal for online learning. Or, use our general user and content management tools to streamline your internal communications or engagement process. So whether you're training or engaging your staff, you can measure the impact of every video.
Already have a LMS or CMS and not looking for another platform? No problem. Use our API to integrate our interactive player with your systems.

you expect security. viddler delivers it.

Open video-hosting platforms like YouTube are not designed to protect your proprietary information. When you use our player or platform, you control who watches what, when and where.
+ Customizable viewer access + Customizable content access + Reports and Alerts